Ark Ovrutski Quartet

Kyiv 13 December 2016 20:00 -Sentrum
13 Tue
300-1000 hrn

Dear viewers!
Due to problems at Ukrainian-Polish border Camilla Thurman manages to arrive on December 13 in Kyiv. So on this day Arch Ovruckogo Quartet will perform. We suggest purchasing tickets for the concert on December 13 or go to a concert Arch Ovruckogo, or to a concert of Allan Harris (United States), which will take place on 14 February.

Sincerely, DAM.

Final concert international jazz subscription project in 2016, will be the concert of the famous Ukrainian Quartet bass Ovruckogo Arch (Ark Ovrutski). Living in New York City musician will present a programme Let It Snow!, in which, besides the well-known Christmas jazz standards, will include the best plays from the recorded in United States albums Sound of Brazil (2010), 44:33 (2014) and INTERSECTION (2016).


Ark Ovrutski-bass,
Bogdan Gumenyuk-saxophone
Alexey petukhov-keyboards
Ekaterina Kravchenko-vocals.

Ark Ovrutski-bassist, composer and band-leader, winner of jazz festivals and author of many international jazz projects. A successful producer International Jazz season ticket concert series.

Over the past 12 years the Ark Ovrutski collaborated with Curtis Fuller, Carmen Lundy, mark Soskinym, Steve Williams, Larry Willis, Dzhevonom Jackson, Steve Sljejglom, Walter Dudukoj, Jay Dee, da Fonseca, Patience Higgins, Pursuant Borstlapom, Cynthia Scott, Jim Rotondi, Donald Edwards, James Spoldingom and many others.

He graduated from Rutgers Graduate School University (United States) and a doctorate at the University of Illinois on double bass.

In April 2010 the year Ark Ovrutski wrote in the New York author album Sounds of Brazil with Dudukoj da Fonseca, Craig Handy, Elio Al'vesom and Jorge Continentino. This album was highly praised by critics in the United States, and in April 2011 Arc was invited to this program in the famous COCA COLA DIZZI-Jazz Club LINCOLN Center in New York. In August 2013 Arc recorded by Zoho Music new album «44.33» together with Ulysses Ouensom, Michael Diz, Michael Thomas and David Berckmans. And in January 2016 year released a new album on the label Origin Intersection, with the participation of traditional instruments-Duduks da Fonseca, Helio Alves, Michael D and Michael Thomas.

All three got high enough appraisal of American jazz critics than can boast very few Ukrainian musicians. Reviews of albums published the magazines DownBeat,, The New York City Jazz Record, Cadence, and many others. All albums have featured in the prestigious JazzWeek Jazz Chart and included in the top 100. Sounds of Brasil album reissued in 2016 year and still be in rotation on the Jazz Week.

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